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Ms. Barbara Wilson

Barbara Wilson started volunteering at Open Door Mission in 2016. She put her sewing skills to the test, helping the men at the Mission with basic alterations to donated clothes.

Barbara spends most of her Saturdays at the Mission measuring pants, jackets and shirts to fit just right on each man. With each garment complete, Barbara gives them a smile, sometimes a hug.

She also sews in something extra: the words to mend not just the outside but the inside, too.

Update on Alumni Matthew Shunneman

Matthew is an Alumni of Open Door Mission who in the 2 years since graduation has achieved many accomplishments to date.

He spent time working at the Marriott Marquis Houston but has since found a new position with 7 Mile Road Houston as the Ministry Intern.

Changed Lives

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these videos depicting the amazing transformations of the men Open Door Mission serves.

We invite you to take a moment and check it out for yourself –share it with a friend! Just click on —- and see how lives are touched and changed. Transformation happens because individuals like you care; but most of all, because God promises to be our very present help in time of need.

Men in Recovery

Men in recovery at the ODM DoorWay program speak with anchor Tom Abrams about the addiction to synthetic marijuana.

Synthetic marijuana is ten times more addictive than traditional marijuana; wherein users can become hooked after just one use, and the long-term impacts are equally devastating.

Mission Alumni work hard at Marriott Marquis Houston Downtown

The Super Bowl is long gone, but a Houston hotel continues to hire the kind of people who helped them through the big game, the formerly homeless.

Six months after Super Bowl 51, there’s one guy still smiling.

“Man, I’m so blessed with how things are going in my life right now,” said Ricardo Hernandez, who used to be homeless. It was the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Homeless Outreach Team who took him to Open Door Mission.

His life changed, he even joined the choir, and just in time for the Super Bowl, he scored a job working pool maintenance on the Texas-shaped pool at the new Marriott Marquis.

“When this all started happening, I started interacting more with the guests and everything, and so I just wanted to get to another level,” said Hernandez.

Super Bowl destination hotel Marriott Marquis hires Open Door Mission graduate!

From homeless to helping host the SuperBowl: Watch Ricardo’s amazing story of transformation, made possible by friends of Open Door Mission like YOU! Want to be a part of more great stories like this? Your gift of any amount provides counseling, education, and spiritual growth to men who want to leave their past behind.

Battling Addiction by getting help at Open Door Mission.

An inspirational story of a young man’s path down the road towards recovery and how he found faith and family along the way.

Former homeless man inspires by washing feet

A former Houston homeless man worked his way off the streets and is trying to help others follow the same path. Watch his amazing story below!